New Dev (b)Log

I have been logging my game dev the last week or so in a google doc for myself, and I would like to start sharing what it is I'm doing any given day. So here's the first :D (I'm just going to copy and paste this one from the google doc)

Don’t Trip

April 18th, 2017

  • Started work on the new game!

  • Made a prototype map and character

  • Testing player movement right now

  • Ideas:

    • How to rotate the map?

      • Finger swipe/ Accelerometer?

      • Map moves by itself? (maybe for a bonus level)


  • Got movement working!!!!

April 19th, 2017

  • Changing the collider from being many box colliders that just rest on the edges to being full rigidbodies that are kinematic. The gravity turns off on the player when they are in contact with one of these

    • Seems as if I must change the design of the colliders. Found this on the web “Walkable Trigger-Polygon Colliders”.

    • SOLVED I was able to get the basic movement and colliders to work for one side of the puzzle (still want to use the Castle Crashers/ brawler mechanic still)


  • Game Idea - Use the Castle Crashers mechanic for how to move the character. This means they will fall off the platform if they fall off any side that shouldn’t have a wall.

    • There will be a minimum of one to two paths, and once you reach the end of the path the level will flip and a new path to a new objective will appear.


Tyler Jones