Dev (b)Log 4/22/17 isGrounded

April 22nd, 2017

  • Today I am going to work on limiting the player’s movement to left and right while the player is not touching the platforms. This will eliminate the effect that the player can fly or make gravity stronger/ weaker while falling. Gravity is set to 0 when the player is touching a platform currently.

    • SOLVED - I was able to limit the player’s movement to just horizontal movement while falling. This is done by checking if the player is grounded after we get the player’s input, and if they are not grounded we set the vertical input to 0.

    • Going to work on the level flipping when I come back inside. Taking a stroll outside of this Philz to brainstorm/ get some blood flowing.

      • I am able to get the level flipping by using “transform.Rotate(0 , 0, -90)” when the space is pressed

        • May try to flip the player/ play with reversing gravity, as well as changing colliders to different ones I have made to add new perspective to the level. Having trouble with the player staying stuck at 0 gravity after flipping the level

        • SOLVED - set the player’s gravity to 5 when the space bar/ level flip is initiated

        • Thinking I will set the rotation mechanic to buttons that let me choose whether to rotate -90 or 90 degrees

          • Can possibly implement the buttons after as triggers, resulting in a puzzle mechanic

            • I got the triggers working, not as a button. I forgot about how even systems work, didn’t care to read up on them right at this moment again, and didn’t like the clutter in the Hierarchy. Will save buttons for last.

              • I liked how the triggers work with the gameplay, but I need to make my maps square unless I can figure out how to transpose the player with the map. It would be nice to have this tweened. Fark.

          • I added a new mechanic which flips the gravity if the player touches the border or some type of EdgeCollider which is on the border layer. These must be triggers. 



Tyler Jones