Dev (b)Log 4/23/17 Map Generation

April 23, 2017

  • I didn’t get very much logged down today strictly out of feeling like I didn't have enough time, and would of rather designed more of the game rather than just writing about it. In retrospect I do wish I would have spent a tiny bit more time logging what I was working on, but hey what are you going to do?

  • I increased the level size and am working on game mechanics

    • I am creating a map of where I think the player should go, and implementing it with a level rotation at the end of the phase/ round

    • Am thinking of creating a restart back to checkpoint script so I can return the player to the last objective/ checkpoint if they fall off the level


  • I was able to compare the transform.rotation of the level by checking its transform.rotation.z against a literal float of the number taken from the debug console.

    • This is done by putting a f at the end of the float decleration.

      • Such as “private float zero = 0.7071068f”


  • Other than that I basically just worked in photoshop trying to figure out a first level and some game mechanics still

Tyler Jones