Dev (b)Log 5/1/17 14th Story Balcony

May 1st, 2017

  • SOLVED - Today I was able to get the camera to properly Lerp to the new position (interpolate)

    • I grabbed a lot from the zoom script that I was able to successfully lerp the other day, and realized that I was still able to set the elapsedTime to 0 in the CoRoutine before the while() loop.


  • I still need to work on getting the camera to Lerp to the correct object when it comes time for the player to be looking at that object

    • Maybe I should have some type of way for the player to look at something else.

      • Thinking of having them click to go to another object

      • Definetly want to have the camera pan to big things that are happeningsuch as points being made or jackpots being hit

Tyler Jones