Dev (b)Log 5/3/17 Panning Done Right

May 3rd, 2017

  • SOLVED - but kind of for real.

    • Can now lerp the camera, or transition to between where the camera currently is and where it needs to go. Have a slightly better understanding how lerp works and may try to use the SmoothStep() nexdt time


  • SOLVED - I had the starting position for the Zoom function set to a specific OrthographicSize. I changed it to set the start of the Lerp() to the current position of the OrthographicSize of camera

  • TEMP FIX - I also changed the Edit > Project Settings > Quality > Anti-Aliasing > Off

    • This was because of a glitch in Unity 5.4.1 and the iOS UnityRemote running on an iPhone 5S.
Tyler Jones