Developers Log 7/23/17 I'm back!!

It has been a few months since I have made a post, but fear not for I have still been hard at work. I have suspended Dookie Tower for the time being, as the gameplay was not turning out to be as fun as I wanted it to be (play tested it with some of my friends and it didn't turn out too well) 

Since then I have been hard at work on a Tamagachi inspired game. I am 3/4 done with creating a full game loop.

Currently In-Game:

  • Always on stats without a network connection (similar to Animal Crossing)
  • Feeding and Happiness system
  • Fortune Wheel that uses coins and gives prizes 
  • Simple mini game involving avoiding obstacles and collecting resources
  • Stats Page with the games current stats

To Come:

  • Treasure chest with daily coin grab
  • Shop to buy food and accessories
  • Play/ Toy mechanic
  • Hatching mechanic
  • Death Mechanic
  • Consistent user interface
Tyler Jones