Shenanijam Recap

So the Butterschotch Shenanijam is over. This has been my second Shenanijam and my third game jam in general. It sure has been an experience once again. I scoped my game pretty small, and ran into time constraints once again. I guess the whole thing is a time constraint, so that being said it wasn't that bad.

I had a fully looping game the second day of the jam. Next was lots of asset creation and level design. It was the final tasks that ultimately put me behind. To complete the game and upload the video, I stayed up extra late the night of the deadline. I had to go to work at 430 am but this didn't stop me. I uploaded it and finished the finishing touches at my work. 

I think it was all worth it once again. I will be doing Shenanijam again next year, and I recommend anyone thinking of getting into the game industry to do the same. Game jams are a compressed and stripped down form of almost everything you must to do make a game. Making it good is the real challenge. 

The game can be found here