Legends Evolve 

Legends Evolve is a top down shooter with retro inspired graphics and gameplay, but with a modern twist of lime. A steep difficulty curve and online high scores will keep you coming back for more.

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-Retro style graphics and gameplay
-Original and adaptive soundtrack
-Five exciting evolutions!
-Over 6 challenging bosses!
-Online Leaderboard

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Legends Evolve is completely free, and available on both iOS and Android! You can also find the links to older versions of the game for PC/ Mac on my page.

Legends Evolve Current Version

Pinball Fantastic

Pinball Fantastic is the cutest mobile pinball game ever! It's a simple take on a classic game for both iOS and Android.

- Adore cute creatures with “kawaii” inspired art.
- Enjoy fun stages for a wide range of skill sets.
- Gratify your pinball urge on 4 unlockable boards.
- Delight in simple controls and mechanics.
- Take pleasure in an original soundtrack with 11 songs.

Tap the left and right side of your device to flip the flippers. Each board contains creatures and objects you can hit, ultimately capturing them and earning points along the way. Tap the left and right side of the screen to engage the left and right flippers, respectively. The faster you complete the level, the bigger your score is.

I started Pinball Fantastic out of my passion for pinball and game design. I sought out to create a pinball game that would appeal to wide array of audiences, all while designing it around a shorter and mobile play session. I am the sole designer, programmer, artist, and composer. I am proud to finally release the first version, and I plan on releasing more boards in the coming months!

I am excited to announce that Pinball Fantastic comes out 8/31/18 for both iOS and Android!


Project Dolphin 

Android - Project Dolphin APK 1.1.3 Download

PC - Project Dolphin    Win 1.02 Download

MAC - Project Dolphin OSX 1.02 Download

Project Dolphin is Lamestar Game's first endeavor in video game design and production. Designed in Unity3D, and produced in San Francisco, Ca. You play as Dolphin in a side scrolling psychedelic, pixel art inspired, heartfelt shooter, loving your way through the cosmic undertows of reality. Do you have the heart to make it to the end? 

Free Download!!!



Technology Notes: 

Images drawn in Photoshop and Dottable. Audio produced on iKaossilator and Ableton Live.


Tyler Jones: Game Design, Programming, Audio, Art, Mobile Implementation

Final boss of Project Dolphin.

Final boss of Project Dolphin.



Final boss

Final boss

Design Docs

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