This is the official future space of the Butterscotch Shenanijam/ Lamestar Games info. Check out for the most recent updates to my game for the Shenanijam!

If you are reading this before the jam starts and before I have updated my site, I am curious who you are. Please drop me a note. If not check out my other games.

I am releasing my first official mobile game. It is a cute pinball action game. 

Alright hope to see you at the jam!

-Love Lamestar Games

Pinball Fantastic Logo.png

Pinball Fantastic

Pinball Fantastic is the cutest pinball game ever! It's an action pinball game for both iOS and Android. You pinball your way through each board, and race for the highest possible score. All while having fun with the creatures of the pinball lands!

I am developing Pinball Fantastic as a solo developer in Unity3D using C#. I make the music in Ableton Live. The art is prototyped on graph paper, and drawn over in Photoshop. Design docs are created and edited heavily in Google Docs.

ETA June/ July



Lost in Transmission

Download from Download

A two player deduction game played in 5 minutes for PC/Phone.

Lost in Transmission is about two people trying to communicate across country borders where an authoritarian government modifies and censors your communications.

The person living in this country needs several objects to start a revolution, and their comrade must parse what particular things they need based on limited communication. Be careful though, some items are illegal contraband that could alert the government to your activities!

Players pass a laptop or phone back and forth between them with one player giving clues for what objects to send, and the other player evaluating and using those clues to make educated guesses. The game censors and modifies the clues as they are sent for added difficulty and complexity.

This was our project for the 2018 Global Game Jam:



Technology Notes: 

Images drawn in Photoshop and PyxelEdit. Open Office Thesaurus used for word modification.


Brian Cronin: Programming, Game Design

Kevin Holmes: UI Assets, Icon Art, UX/UI Design, Game Design

John Treviranus: Game Design, UX/UI Design, Icon Art, Documentation

Tyler Jones: iPhone implementation, Programming, Icon Art, Game Design, Sound implementation


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Project Dolphin 

Android - Project Dolphin APK 1.1.3 Download

PC - Project Dolphin    Win 1.02 Download

MAC - Project Dolphin OSX 1.02 Download

Project Dolphin is Lamestar Game's first endeavor in video game design and production. Designed in Unity3D, and produced in San Francisco, Ca. You play as Dolphin in a side scrolling psychedelic, pixel art inspired, heartfelt shooter, loving your way through the cosmic undertows of reality. Do you have the heart to make it to the end? 

Free Download!!!



Technology Notes: 

Images drawn in Photoshop and Dottable. Audio produced on iKaossilator and Ableton Live.


Tyler Jones: Game Design, Programming, Audio, Art, Mobile Implementation

 Final boss of Project Dolphin.

Final boss of Project Dolphin.



 Final boss

Final boss

Design Docs

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