Dev (b)Log 5/5/17 Panning Redone Right

May 5th, 2017

  • I now have a fully working lerping camera script.

    • I was sick of frankenstein script so I birthed a new much sleeker and modular script (that I can actually understand now)


  • I have almost everything I need for the system to create a minimum viable product

    • TO DO:

    • Prototype one level

      • Level Design Sketch

      • Point system

        • Reward system

      • Different targets

        • Birds

        • People

        • Flying Fish

        • Dogs

        • Cats

      • Toilet physics

      • Different locations/ towers for dook’n it

      • When to zoom in and out (Peggle style)

      • Find an art style

      • Create minimum viable assets

      • Basic sounds and music

Tyler Jones